Dear customers,

Please read this refund policy before you process an order at our website.

We Guarantee Full Refunds In the Following Situations:

  • Copies of sources have not been delivered by or on the day chosen by the customer in the order details.
  • Customer requests order cancellation before the sources have been delivered (order cancellation cannot be requested after delivery of the copies).
  • Copies of sources are irrelevant to the topic or research question and our website failed to replace those sources with new ones within 24 hours.
  • If our customer is double-billed (the payment for the same order is processed twice), our website will reimburse in full the second charge as soon as the customer notifies us about it.

Dispute Settlement & Refund Terms

  • In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of our service, the customer should first contact our website prior to requesting a refund or initiating a charge back.
  • Dissatisfaction and refund claims are not considered if the order was fulfilled more than 1 month ago (30 days from the day of purchase).
  • Refund claims received after 1 month from the day of purchase may be considered on an individual basis.
  • No refund claims will be reviewed if received after 60 days after the day of purchase.
  • Our website does not offer any ongoing subscriptions and recurring charges.

We try our best to satisfy the requirements of all customers. If you are not satisfied with the delivered product, please contact us before requesting a refund. We will always find a solution and address your concerns.

Thank you for choosing our research service!